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  • Ad hoc Lists of employees

    A new type of Group has been added called Lists. This will let you create ad ...

    03 March 2019
  • Leave is in days OR hours

    You can now choose to show leave in either days or hours or both to your staff

    21 February 2019
  • Fixed days of leave

    A significant change has been made to keep the leave and leave years in days ...

    21 February 2019

CompanyControls is an online HR and Business Management system which can be used by one employee in an administrative position OR a self service system used by everyone.  This approach streamlines communications and improves accuracy.

It comprises a number of smart modules, each of which focuses on an important business area and can be configured to fit neatly within your Company.

CompanyControls is:

  • Available 24/7 100% online - no installation required
  • Easy to use by all levels of user access
  • Multiple builtin security features ensures information is very safe and data is very secure
  • First Class business hours support is available whenever needed
  • Excellent value for money > see our pricing

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